The compact, versatile SH 40M multiple foam densifier by IS Recycling is designed to be installed in smaller places and to process EPS, EPP, EPE & PSP wastes.


  • Schools, hospitals, and organisations with cafeterias
  • Small-sized warehouses/retail stores
  • Grocery markets

Why SH-40M

  • Processes multiple materials – i.e. containers and EPE packaging blocks
  • Compact size fits smaller spaces
  • Competitively priced / cost effective
  • Easy to move around (Can be mounted on a truck to form a Mobile Foam Recycling Station)


Product Description

Model SH-40M
Materials EPS, PSP, EPP, EPE
Processing LUMP(INGOT)
Cooling Air Cooling
Capacity(kg/h) 30~40 (abt. 6m³)
Feeder size(WxL) 436 x 312
Dimension(WxLxH) 1,101 x 807 x 1500
Electrical Power(kW/h) 9.9 kW
Weight(kg) 420
Main Motor 7.5 kW
Bend Header 2.4 kW