About IS



Innovative EPS Recycling Service Provider

We are committed to providing the best possible EPS foam recycling service to you. Since 2007, ISR has been ‘the innovative EPS recycling service provider’ in the management of waste EPS and recycling. We believe the business of sustainable recycling is achieved by hard work, transparency and communication. ISR can work with your organisation to improve EPS recycling performance, save money and reduce landfill space. We are continuously ensures that our customers are satisfied.

Australia is the planet’s sixth largest county and surrounded by water; its industrial EPS foam recycling need are considerable, and it is better off using its own, local EPS foam recycling services. Our approach is based on understanding the needs of our customers and matching our solutions to their challenges in EPS recycling and the unique geographic circumstances of Australia. Preserving the environment has now become a major issue. Whether our customers are commercial or municipal, we can help them improve their environmental performance.

Reliable EPS Recycling Solutions

We provide reliable and cost effective EPS foam collection services to suit the needs of effective resource transportation. We optimize sorting and recovery, create value and reduce the environmental impact of our customers by offering responsible, customized, sustainable and cost effective EPS recycling solutions. ISR works in partnerships with local councils and companies to achieve optimum recovery of waste EPS. In request, dried plastics such as mixed plastics can also be collected and recovered.

We provide guided tours of our facility to enhance knowledge of EPS recycling. For instance, technical tour by Australasian industrial ecology conference 2013 held on our facility successfully and allowed attendees to understand sustainable EPS recycling.
Our company provides:

  • EPS foam recycling equipment to be used by companies onsite.
  • Drop-off EPS, polystyrene foam recycling centres.
  • Environmentally friendly polystyrene disposal.
  • Collection of large quantities of foam for our EPS Polystyrene foam recycling centres.

We aim to develop communication with our local communities, representatives of government, business and industry. We value different perspectives and are keen to share our knowledge to help build a consensus for positive change.