Features & Benefits

  • Give approximately 90% volume reduction.
  • The machine is skid mounted so can be moved by pallet trolley or forklift.
  • Low-cost maintenance.
  • Small to large size applying all types of space use.
  • CE approved and compliance with AS 4024.1.

eps recycling

Our machine is simple, safe and economical solution to thermal compaction of expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) to achieve large savings in transport and waste disposal costs. The EPS recycling machines allow conversion of EPS foam into extruded/moulded polystyrene(Compacted Polystyrene). These compacted polystyrenes are easier and more cost-effective to handle, dispose and recycle compared to EPS foam. Our EPS recycling equipments aim to help the EPS recycling systems in Australia, which is now being adopted by many businesses in an attempt to reduce storage space for waste EPS. Besides, cost effectiveness of EPS recycling means large savings on handling and transporting waste while protecting the environment.

Simple, Safe and Fast – the machines can be operated without special training.

The EPS machines provide a perfect solution to your business with EPS recycling efficiently. You do not have to throw recyclable EPS into a waste bin and pay for waste removal service. By densifying all your recyclable EPS, we will collect all your densified EPS with Buy-Back program. Why not reduce your high volumes of EPS by up to 90% on your site and generate revenues. It is simple that you can turn your waste plastic foam (EPS) into a valuable resource.