EPS recycling process

  1. Collecting and sorting out
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  3. Densifying; densified EPS is almost ready for raw materials
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  5. Packing
  6. packing_1packing_2

  7. Export
  8. export_1export_2

  9. Pelletizing
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  11. End Products
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Developing effective EPS recycling strategies is critical for many commercial and industrial companies of all sizes because waste EPS can develop into a major problem when not handled properly.

EPS recycling is a necessary part of sustainable environment. EPS recycling is also a part of property or asset management. Sorting of waste EPS at the source is becoming more common due to financial reasons as well as government regulations. It is more expensive to process landfill waste, and authorities are demanding more precise sorting.

Note: polystyrene food and drink containers are not recycled unless it is cleaned and properly sorted.