EPS Recycling Densifiers
Our machine is designed and utilised high volume extrusion technology. Plastic foam scrap is placed into the hopper of the machine where it is crushed into small chunks, then the pieces drop into an auger/screw where the material is heated and extruded into ingot for collection. The process is safe, clean and easy.


  • Large-sized distribution centers / manufacturers
  • Large-sized electronic recycle & repair centers
  • Seafood processors

Why SH-250S

  • Capable of handling large quantity of wet or dry material with conveyor, blower, and silo system
  • Expandable with additional silo/   extruder modules
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Product Description

Model SH-250S
Materials EPS
Processing LUMP(INGOT)
Cooling Air Cooling
Capacity(kg/h) 150~200
Feeder size(WxL) 876 x 737
Dimension(WxLxH) 2,503 x 3,250 x 3,284
Electrical Power(kW/h) 36 kW
Weight(kg) 2,200
Main Motor 30 kW
Bend Header 2.4 kW
Blower Motor 3.7 kW
Conveyor Motor 0.2 kW