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Machines For Polystyrene Recycling

Our EPS (expanded Polystyrene) recycling machines are great to use. They are safe, simple, and an economical solution to sustainable EPS Recycling. I want to talk about a revolutionary technology: thermal compaction of expanded plastic foam (EPE, EPP, EPS, and PSP etc) that uses and allows high volumes of lightweight expanded plastic foams transferring into valuable resources.

Our machine is one touch system so it is simple, safe and fast during operations. It’s essential to know that EPS Recycling machines comply with Australian Standard and CE. Once valuable items packaged with EPS are delivered to the end consumers, used EPS becomes a waste product that quickly fills up skip bins. Hundreds and even thousands of tons of EPS waste are being sent to landfills in Australia. Really, this EPS should be recycled.

Polystyrene Disposal

It is well-known that the volume to weight ratio of EPS is not good for economic transportation after use. So polystyrene boxes and packaging occupy lots of space in skip bins. This makes running costs super high when collecting and disposing; trucks are forced to carry bulky but light loads of EPS.

Alternative packaging materials are not as good as polystyrene. So far, It remains the best packaging material according to the testimonies of many commercial and industrial users.

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