Is Polystyrene Foam Recyclable?

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Behind Polystyrene Recycling For many years polystyrene was the bane of environmental concerns. It was bulky, it floated on water and clogged waterways, and it was harmful to wildlife. Worst of all it was understood to be non-biodegradable, and basically hard to get rid of. But this has changes with recent discoveries and modern technologies.


What Do We Do With Polystyrene ?

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What Do We Do With Polystyrene recycling ? We find polystyrene in many situation, mostly used for packing boxes. This is because it offers protection for merchandise while still being very lightweight. The problem is that the polystyrene is no longer needed once we unpack the box, it is just there for protection during transport.


Polystyrene History

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Polystyrene Disposal β€Œβ€Œ Polystyrene is a semi-natural product It was discovered/invented in 1839, as an oily substance distilled from the resin of the Oriental Sweet-gum tree. It was not just tree resin, but a resin that had been processed by distillation. Not till over a century later, in 1944, was that the distilled resin was


Foam and Pollution

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EPS Recycling Given some time solutions have a way of being discovered. About two generations ago we were worried about the accumulation of physical rubbish, petrol causing pollution in the atmosphere, the ozone layer being depleted. But new technologies have since managed to deal with at least a few of these concerns, and other emerging



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EPS EQUIPMENT Machines For Polystyrene Recycling Our EPS (expanded Polystyrene) recycling machines are great to use. They are safe, simple, and an economical solution to sustainable EPS Recycling. I want to talk about a revolutionary technology: thermal compaction of expanded plastic foam (EPE, EPP, EPS, and PSP etc) that uses and allows high volumes of


Foam Disposal

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Foam Disposal Expanded polystyrene foam otherwise known by its brand name Styrofoam, can simply be defined as plastic and air. Like any plastic, Styrofoam does not easily decompose. For this reason it can cause harm to our environment and wild animals that may consume it. It’s also not easy to recycle expanded polystyrene, as most